Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I hate Tuesdays!

I hate Tuesdays because I don't get to see Ian hardly at all. My mom's boyfriend says he doesn't want anyone here Tuesdays or Thursdays, which is maybe to an extent understandable, but I can't leave this week either because of homework. But I got to eat dinner over at Ian's, his mother invited me. We had garlic and herb chicken from Super Ron's with bacon wrapped around it and Koos Koos, which was awesomely delicious! Anyways I know I said today was gonna be mine and Ian's picture day but since we hardly saw each other we decided were gonna do it tomarrow!!!! So stop by and see our many pictures. :D

And as promised a photo of the day.....

For my bestfriend, my soulmate, my boyfriend Ian Richard Henry!
I love you baby!

Monday, January 18, 2010

I love Mondays!

Today was a great day! Ian and I finally went out and visited our friends :D At first we stopped by Gus and then we went and picked up Garrett so he could come to Wal-Mart with us. I wanted to go to Wal-Mart to get these really great air freshners for my car that absolutely no close gas station had. I ended up buying a movie too, well technically three movies in one case. I got a John Candy 3 movie thingy, Uncle Buck (classic one of my faves) The Great Outdoors (another classic) and Going Berserk, which neither Ian or I have ever seen so we watched it when we got home and it wasn't very good, but I bought the 3 in 1 movie(s) for only $9 so I thought that was nice. It was either that or Breakfast at Tiffany's, I love Audrey Hepburn so I really wanted to get this but it was a little more expensive, so I'll get BAT next week. I also am happy with the amount of homework I was able to get done today. As you can see before Ian left I made him take some pictures with me since we hardly have any, he didn't mind. None of them turned out quite how we wanted though one of us wasn't right in any picture lol, but it was late so we are tired in them, now tomarrow is Picture Day!
I'll see you bloggers tomarrow :D

Here's two more pictures, p.s. I'm not very photogenic!

I love his face in this one, and so did he! We had such a laugh.

Random Picture:
So I kind of realized I show a random picture that doesn't really fit at the end of almost all my posts, so maybe it'll become a tradition since I do love photography, maybe I'll just have a random picture from that day everyday for you guys. Today I took this picture of my siblings and my Klean Kanteens from L.L. Bean. My mother got them for us for Christmas, we each got a different color and are names are on them, I honestly thought they were the coolest things in the world and thought they made a good gift. Now we have bottles for camping.

Whats in My Bag!

So last night I was talking about my new $40 purse that I got for $10 and that I would do a "Whats in my bag" post today, and I found my camera so here goes!

This is my bag!
And this is what's inside,

Left to Right: Twilight woods hand cream from Bath and Body Works, this stuff smells great and really moisturizes my hands :D. My wallet with a peace sign that I got from TJ Max. My coin purse from my Aunt Jodi that she got in Africa. The green bag is my makeup case. My high school agenda, where I plan out my day and my homework. A pencil, blue pen, purple marker and pink highlighter, I figure one of each should be fine and then I don't have another case in my purse. My old iPod nano, since my new-er one is on the charger. Aloe-Vera chapstick (works wonders) and Rosebud Salve. Trident Layers gum. My keys, and my new cell phone.

I thought I'd show you a picture of my favorite keychain that Bridgette gave me.

Like I said before, I'm not so sure yet that this purse is really me. I usually have purses that are not leather and just regular fabric, and they're usually bigger, Ian calls them duffle bags. Anyways I have to do some homework, and Ian will be here soon so I'll blog later!

xoxo kar <3

late night

I'm up late tonight, eh catching up on homework is such a drag. On Saturday Ian and I took a trip into town and went to the mall, I was in search of a new purse. Poor Ian had to go into every girly store in the whole mall and help me look at purses but luckily I found one before we left, which means my "What's in my bag" post is coming very soon, in fact I wanted to post it tonight but I cannot find my camera which my mother used last. Maybe tomarrow, for sure sometime this week. Anyways I found a purse, I'm not so sure thats it's really me but I think I'll grow into loving it. But it was such a perfect find we walked into Pac Sun which was the last store I said we were going into, mainly because I looked everywhere else and we were both so sick of shopping. So I go to the back of the store by the purses and there was this 50% off sign in the middle so I didn't know if the bottom half of purses was on sale or the top, but I found one that I sort of liked and so Ian talked me into asking an employee if the purse I wanted wa on sale because when I looked at the price tag and it said $40 that purse was out of the question. Luckily my purse was on sale, for 19.99 plus another 50% off made it 9.99 and I bought it right then and there. A 40 dollar purse for 10 dollars Hurley brand no less, was a pefect find and a great deal!

The last couple days with Ian have been great even though we've both been sick on and off, but I don't think we've gotten into one arguement or have been frusterated with each other once, and it's nice for a change, not that things were ever bad before. I do have to go to bed though, I have a lot of more homework that I have to do tomarrow. I promise to post tomarrow, and if I get my camera back tomarrow I'll most deffinately post a "What's in my bag" post! Ahhh... the blogging world is so much fun :D

XOXO Karyssa

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wednesday, Wednesday

Hi! I'm Karyssa Danielle, welcome to my blog.

I'm so sick of not feeling well. I need to get on a better sleep schedule, eat healthier and actually get out of the house. I've been way to overwhelmed with school work though, I'm so scared right now I'm afraid of not even graduating. My aunt Jodi said if I graduate she'll take me to Cancun, that will be an experience I'd never forget. But ever since last Thursday Ian has been sick and then Saturday I started not feeling well. But Ian finally came to my house again today, Ollie was sooo excited to finally see him. I'm glad Ian is feeling better but now I feel like shit and it's soo not fair, lol I just need a good night sleep and hopefully I'll be refreshed tomarrow.

Ian and Oliver were having some cuddle time today!

Here's some more pictures of people I love so much and that mean THE world to me!

This is my best friend Bridgette (Ian's sister) we've been besties for about three years!

Our family photo minus Oliver and Kitty. LtoR: my brother Braeden, my mother Paula, me, my mom's longtime boyfriend Geno, and my sister Kyra.

The VanRossum's, one side of like four in my family.

A picture of Ian and I!

So like a two weeks ago I went to my tattoo artist and we kinda drew out an idea and she said she would post a drawing up on myspace and tag me in it or whatever, and she hasn't yet, and I'm sooo anxious to see it, even though it'll be a while til I have the money to get it done. I'll post a picture of the tattoos I have already and when she sends me the drawing I'll post that picture too. TaTa for now! p.s. a What's in my Bag and a New Years Revolution post coming soon.

My tattoos,
left wrist: dove with peace sign; right wrist: fit inde firmoir means from it i became stronger

this last week has been a hard one...... R.I.P. Uncle David!

So I have been super busy with everything going on. Last monday (the 4th) I found out some very sad news that my Uncle David had passed away in his sleep of a massive heart attack, he was only 42. So I spent Monday through Wednesday with family and putting together picture boards, and then Thursday and Friday were days of the funeral. Throughout the whole week I got to see a lot of people I haven't seen in forever, my second cousing Susan and Sandra were in town from California and Washington, their mom my great aunt Blanche was here from San Diego, and my aunt Jodi was here from Atlanta, GA. I got to see all of the VandenEngs' and Petersons'. My uncle Randy canceled his business trip to San Diego to come home. Thursday was the funeral and also mine and Ian's 10 month anniversary which was very hard.

Anyways enough of the sadness, now I'm super behind on homework, luckily I got an extension of a week to finish it all, homework and exams.

A Tribute to my Uncle David:
His race box, we race slot cars every saturday.
He painted this for a girl named Robin who he took to Prom in high school.

I made a blog to pretty much write about whats going on in my life, I want to be able to keep track and be able to write down my feelings so I don't have to keep them bottled up.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


okay so i made this right now, but its like 2am and i need sleep hella badly so I'm gonna go to bed and post my first official blog tomarrow :D