Monday, January 18, 2010

late night

I'm up late tonight, eh catching up on homework is such a drag. On Saturday Ian and I took a trip into town and went to the mall, I was in search of a new purse. Poor Ian had to go into every girly store in the whole mall and help me look at purses but luckily I found one before we left, which means my "What's in my bag" post is coming very soon, in fact I wanted to post it tonight but I cannot find my camera which my mother used last. Maybe tomarrow, for sure sometime this week. Anyways I found a purse, I'm not so sure thats it's really me but I think I'll grow into loving it. But it was such a perfect find we walked into Pac Sun which was the last store I said we were going into, mainly because I looked everywhere else and we were both so sick of shopping. So I go to the back of the store by the purses and there was this 50% off sign in the middle so I didn't know if the bottom half of purses was on sale or the top, but I found one that I sort of liked and so Ian talked me into asking an employee if the purse I wanted wa on sale because when I looked at the price tag and it said $40 that purse was out of the question. Luckily my purse was on sale, for 19.99 plus another 50% off made it 9.99 and I bought it right then and there. A 40 dollar purse for 10 dollars Hurley brand no less, was a pefect find and a great deal!

The last couple days with Ian have been great even though we've both been sick on and off, but I don't think we've gotten into one arguement or have been frusterated with each other once, and it's nice for a change, not that things were ever bad before. I do have to go to bed though, I have a lot of more homework that I have to do tomarrow. I promise to post tomarrow, and if I get my camera back tomarrow I'll most deffinately post a "What's in my bag" post! Ahhh... the blogging world is so much fun :D

XOXO Karyssa

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