Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wednesday, Wednesday

Hi! I'm Karyssa Danielle, welcome to my blog.

I'm so sick of not feeling well. I need to get on a better sleep schedule, eat healthier and actually get out of the house. I've been way to overwhelmed with school work though, I'm so scared right now I'm afraid of not even graduating. My aunt Jodi said if I graduate she'll take me to Cancun, that will be an experience I'd never forget. But ever since last Thursday Ian has been sick and then Saturday I started not feeling well. But Ian finally came to my house again today, Ollie was sooo excited to finally see him. I'm glad Ian is feeling better but now I feel like shit and it's soo not fair, lol I just need a good night sleep and hopefully I'll be refreshed tomarrow.

Ian and Oliver were having some cuddle time today!

Here's some more pictures of people I love so much and that mean THE world to me!

This is my best friend Bridgette (Ian's sister) we've been besties for about three years!

Our family photo minus Oliver and Kitty. LtoR: my brother Braeden, my mother Paula, me, my mom's longtime boyfriend Geno, and my sister Kyra.

The VanRossum's, one side of like four in my family.

A picture of Ian and I!

So like a two weeks ago I went to my tattoo artist and we kinda drew out an idea and she said she would post a drawing up on myspace and tag me in it or whatever, and she hasn't yet, and I'm sooo anxious to see it, even though it'll be a while til I have the money to get it done. I'll post a picture of the tattoos I have already and when she sends me the drawing I'll post that picture too. TaTa for now! p.s. a What's in my Bag and a New Years Revolution post coming soon.

My tattoos,
left wrist: dove with peace sign; right wrist: fit inde firmoir means from it i became stronger

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